My Elusive Sleep

I am so tired today!  I would like to blame it all on daylight savings, but alas, that is not the only problem.  I need to get to bed earlier.  In order for me to get to bed earlier, I need to get my kids to bed earlier because for some reason I need some “me time” after the kids get to sleep.

Sometimes my “me time” includes folding laundry or doing some dishes and it almost always ends with me reading right before bed.  There are some books that are hard to put down though…and I want to keep reading and reading and all of the sudden I look at the clock and think, “What the heck!  How did it get to be so late?”  The next day I feel like by bed is magnetized and I can’t seem to be able to move to get up.  Sigh!

So, I am setting a goal to get my kids and myself to bed earlier.  Hope I can do it:).

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