“I Want…..”

The other night as I was putting Nathan to bed, I carefully followed his nightly bedtime routine.  After I prayed with him and helped him put his glasses on his night stand he sat there and looked at me…and I could see words forming in his eyes like something was wrong.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was.

There are moments when I really wish he could just spit out what he is thinking.  It would make it so much easier.  Usually he just lays down and goes to sleep.  Not that night.  I finally called my husband up because I couldn’t think what could be bugging him. After trying a few ideas, my husband finally said, “I want….”  After Nathan echoed “I want” a couple of times his brain was finally able to find the word he wanted and tell us “clothes.”

Oh yes!  He wanted to change his clothes before bed.  He usually sleeps in a t-shirt and shorts and he was in a t-shirt and shorts from earlier that day, but I hadn’t “changed his clothes for bed.”  Oops!  My bad!  Sigh!

I am so thankful that he was able to spit that word out to help us understand what he wanted.  Even though it took him a while to let us know what was bugging him, I am thankful for simple words that help us avoid what used to be tantrums because he couldn’t even use one word to help us understand. Next time I need to remember and say, “I want….”

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