Working All Night, Boats & Nets

Yesterday in Sunday School we discussed Luke 5:1-11 where Simon Peter and those who worked with him had been fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything.  Jesus came with a crowd of people and asked Peter (as he was cleaning his nets) if he could use his boat and push out a bit and teach the people from the boat.  Peter obliged.  After Jesus was done speaking he told Peter to take and cast his net in again, and as he did he caught so many fish that he had to call another boat to help him.

We had a really neat discussion about the principles taught in this story–and some things that I had never thought about before.  First, how many times does an opportunity to serve present itself we when have “toiled all night?”  At those times when we feel like we have nothing left to give, we may be asked to go out in “our boat” one more time.  What is the reward?  We catch more than we have been looking to catch–but we must have the faith to cast our nets in one more time.  Also, another insight is that when we have the Savior with us in our lives, that the work we do is more rewarding…or perhaps he will help us find another path to “catch men.”

This is so applicable in parenthood as well.  There are many sleepless nights when we just want to fall in bed exhausted and be done for the night, but that sick or crying child make us keep going.  I can’t tell you how many prayers I have sent heavenward on long nights…praying that this child will just go to sleep, or praying for another that is struggling.  I know God answers these prayers.  I have made it through too many sleepless nights with His help.

God bless all of you who feel you are exhausted and have “toiled all night” on a daily basis.  Know that God loves you, and that if you keep Him in your boat, and have the faith to cast your net in one more time that everything will turn out okay.

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