Sweet 16 Going on 4 and 1/2

My son Nathan turned 16 this past weekend, but you won’t see him in the line at the DMV to get his license this week.  No, Nathan will never drive a car because he has low-functioning autism.  He is about a 3 or 4-year-old in a ginormous body.  He is sweet, happy, and can often be found singing songs from Disney’s, “Frozen” at the top of his lungs as he tromps through our home.

This past year, his big accomplishment is that he has started entertaining himself with his toys around our home!  He loves to do word search puzzles on his own or read one of his favorite books or play with one of the toys we have found for him to enjoy.  Here is an example of some toys he got for his 16th birthday:

We love our sweet 16-year-old young man!  He brings such a peace to our home!  Happy Birthday, dear Nathan!  We love you!

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