Spa at the Airport

Did you know that they now have spas at the airport? A few weeks ago when I was traveling, my flight was delayed by two hours and I wondered what I was going to do. So, I wandered the terminal…and what did I find? A spa. Seriously…where you can get a manicure and a chair massage at the same time. I thought, why not? 
It was so nice to sit there in the massage chair after rushing to get to the airport in time. It allowed me to let the stress be rubbed right out of my body. And lets not forget the nails. That was pretty fun to because as a full-time mom I don’t usually take time for myself.
So, next time you are traveling and have a flight delay…think “Spa” for a little R & R before your flight. It makes traveling a lot more bearable!
#spaattheairport #takingsomemomtime

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