It’s All About “Being Fair”

“But it’s not fair! He has more than I do!” commented my daughter Noelle.  What was she talking about? Box Tops.  In this “fair” world, I had to make sure that she and Jacob BOTH had equal amounts of Box tops to turn in to their classrooms. Sigh!

This meant that I spent the next 30 minutes rummaging through my pantry and my garage (where I keep the Kleenex boxes) for any spare Box Top to be found.  Thank goodness I found enough box tops to keep life “fair” but now you will find my pantry littered with boxes (still containing food) that have had their Box Tops removed with the skill of a surgeon with scissors.  Well, maybe I didn’t remove them quite so precisely.  It is probably good that I am not a surgeon.  But, I make a fairly decent mom because I saved the world from falling apart over unfair amounts of Box Tops.

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