“What do you do about haircuts?” the other mom of a child with autism asked me the other day.  Oh yes, haircuts:).

When Nathan was little he did NOT like getting his hair cut and wouldn’t hold still either–I think it was the noise of the clippers and that they were touching his hair.  I have cut his hair ever since he was a baby, so doing it at home is a definite plus for kiddos with autism.  As a toddler, I tried to distract him during his haircut with his favorite shows by putting a movie in the VCR (that’s what we had back then).  We progressed to the Ipod as a distraction, and now, believe it or not, he will sit through a haircut without a fuss without any electronics.  He has grown accustomed to the haircut and I try to make it fun and fast!  He likes to watch me in the mirror and plays with his hair as I throw it in the trash can.

Jacob told me this morning that he needed his “Winter hair cut off because it was going to be 64 degrees today.” Ah yes, the reasoning of a high-functioning child who LOVES to watch the weather. He also would NEVER hold still for haircuts when he was younger, but now, he doesn’t mind them at all. I guess my kids have gotten easier, in that sense, as they have grown.

God bless all of you still in the toddler phase of trying to hold still during haircuts. It gets better, I promise!

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