Answering Hard Questions

“Mom, do you think I will ever get married?” How do you answer a 12-year-old with high-functioning autism when he asks you that question?

As I tucked my sweet Jacob in bed last night, that was what he wanted to know. My heart ached as I told him that he was a wonderful young man and told him how much his mama loved him.  I also shared with him that I hoped someday a beautiful girl would also love him.  He had tears in his eyes by the end of our chat as I held him in my arms.  I hope and pray there is a girl out there somewhere that can see him and love him for his strengths someday.

People have asked me if it is harder to have a child that is low-functioning on the autism spectrum or one that is high-functioning.  As we enter the teen years with Jacob, I would have to confess that it is harder with high-functioning kiddos because they have this desire to do “normal” things but often their social skills leave quite a gap between them and their peers.

Nathan, though 16 now, is happy in his own little autism world and doesn’t notice peers or want to “hang out” with anyone. He just wants his schedule to stay the same. His vocabulary will never be large enough for him to ask if he will ever get married.

God bless those parents out there that teach their children to be a friend to all kids!

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