Shaving the “Stache”

Confession:  In the winter time I am not very good at keeping my legs shaved.  I figure I have pants on so my legs don’t see the light of day anyway.  Why bother, right?

Well, unfortunately you can’t put pants on a face, and Nathan is old enough now to be growing some facial hair.  Lately I have had to learn to shave Nathan’s face.  Yikes!  I’m always scared I’m going to cut him.  This kid can grow a pretty good ‘stache at 15, and I’m sure he is going to have a full beard before long.  My husband has had to teach me where I can shave with the grain of the hair and against the grain.  Whew!  I never knew shaving facial hair was so crazy!  I also have to make all these facial contortions (that I hope Nathan will copy) when I shave him so I can get all those hard to reach places (like right under the nose and just below the bottom lip).

I know you are wondering why my husband doesn’t shave Nathan.  Believe me, he has!  He isn’t always available though, so the task often falls to me.

So, today I am thankful that I am not of the male species–I’m glad I don’t have facial hair that I have to shave on a daily basis.  At least I can get away with wearing pants in the winter time:).

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