Confessions of a Book-Lover

I LOVE to read!  I started reading as a young girl and have never really stopped.  As a teen I could often be found reading with a flashlight under my covers (hours after my bedtime) so I could see if Nancy Drew saved the day again.  Heavens forbid I be left in suspense all night!

You would think that being the mother of two kiddos on the autism spectrum that my library would be full of books on autism.  You’d be wrong about that!  I have read many books on autism, but I live and breathe kids with autism every day, and I have found the LAST thing I want to read when I get a moment to sit down and relax is a book about children with autism.  So my bookshelf is full of fun adventure books and clean romance novels.  I have the Harry Potter series up there, the Percy Jackson series, the Eragon books, the Inkheart books, the Anne of Green Gables books, the Twilight series and many, many other favorites.  My favorite things to buy at garage sales are kids books (much to my husband’s dismay because he thinks we have WAY TOO MANY BOOK to begin with).

A friend introduced me to the Fablehaven books this past year by Brandon Mull.  After I returned the first book she loaned me, I had to go to the library to find the second book.  I looked and looked for it all through the young adult section of the library I finally humbled myself to go and ask the librarian where the Fablehaven books could be found.  “Ma’am, you’ll find that series in the children’s section.”  Oh, really?  I guess I love children’s books way too much!  They are fun, clean adventures and most of them are not too dark or too gory.  The Michael Vey series has also recently sucked me in.  But I HATE WAITING for the next book to come out:(.  I don’t know why authors can’t write as quickly as I can read j/k.

I have learned that I can’t start a big, long book when I have a lot to accomplish.  When I start a book it sucks me in and doesn’t spit me out until I have turned the last page.  My husband tells me the house could burn down while I’m engrossed in a book and I wouldn’t notice (not entirely true…but I do tend to hyper-focus on my reading).  Kindle or paper books?  Easy–I prefer to turn the pages in my hand.  I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal.

Why the musings about books today?  Probably so I can confess that a book sucked me in last night and I went to bed at 12:15 because I couldn’t put it down.  Maybe I can catch a nap today before the kids come home…as long as I don’t start another book:).

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