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Tamara K Anderson

I’m Tamara K. Anderson, mom of four kids (two on the autism spectrum)—lover of hiking, national parks, gardening, books, author of Normal for Me and podcast host. That’s right! I started a podcast called Stories of Hope in Hard Times in January. This life isn’t what I expected, and I’m not the only person who has been handed some new and exciting challenges. In my podcast I interview people about how they were able to use God’s love, hope, and tips they learned along the way to get through life’s detours. You don’t want to miss it or my book, Normal for Me, which tells my story of hope!
Remember--God loves you!

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Stories of Hope in Hard Times


Stories of Hope in Hard Times is meant

to help everyone understand

that God loves them,

and that they can get through any trial

with hope, and His help.

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About Tamara and Stories of Hope in Hard Times

Who doesn't love to listen to stories--especially ones that inspire hope? Join me as I interview ordinary people that have passed through extraordinary detours and come through with God's help.