The Mystery of the Forehead Mark

Last Sunday morning Jacob woke up with this red, circular mark on his forehead. I quizzed him and quizzed him about it, “Did you fall off your bike? Did you hit your head?” He couldn’t think of anything that he did to cause a mark on his forehead.

When he came upstairs this Sunday morning with the same mark on his forehead I was totally puzzled. “Did you sleep with your forehead on anything? What caused this mark?” Jacob finally told me this week that he thinks he knows what caused the mark. He said that when he was vacuuming the stairs on Saturday he kept putting the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner on his forehead. He said it felt “good.” Can you say “sensory seeking?”

So, yes, he gave himself a vacuum hickey on his forehead! What a kid! I may not ask him to vacuum the stairs next Saturday:).

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