Hug Someone Today

When I was dating my husband in college, I remember that if he gave me a hug that all of my stress and worries about finals and papers due seemed to lessen, and all was right with the world for that moment. Last night he got home from a trip and gave me a hug, I felt the stress just drain off of me. I didn’t realize that I had been so stressed this week–that working as a “single parent” for the times he is gone is really hard!

So, today I am thankful for a good and wonderful husband, Justin Anderson, that has ridden the roller-coaster of life with me through good times and bad, happy times and sad. I am thankful that his hugs still cheer me up and comfort me. I feel blessed!

I want to give a round of encouragement to all of you single-parents out there that bear so much of life’s burden’s alone. I am also not naive enough to think that all marriages are happy ones. God bless you if you feel alone and struggling! I have always also found great comfort in the peace that can only come from God.

Go hug someone today!

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