Kids and Social Media

My 10-year-old daughter went to “play” with friends yesterday and came home 45 min later.  When I asked her what she did, she said that her two friends sat there with their phones looking at Instagram the entire time.  Noelle kept inviting them to play, but they were too glued to their phones.

As Noelle looked over one of the girls shoulder, the girl was astonished to find a scantily clad photo of women on her Instagram feed.  She quickly “unfriended” that person.  Noelle’s other friend had to also “unfriend” someone that kept swearing.  I admire these girls for doing the right thing, but my daughter came home feeling very unsettled about the image she had seen.

My post today is one for you parents out there. What do you do to protect your children from the onslaught of negative words and images available so readily at their fingertips?

Ironically, we just had a chat our children on Monday night about what to do if they ever saw pornography…shut down and tell a parent.  I feel like there is a battle going on every day, and I need to remind my children to put on their “Armor of God” because Satan is on the offensive–trying to shoot our kids with offensive images that are available at the click of a button (many of which are unsolicited).

How do you prepare your kids to fight their daily battles?

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