Traveling Without Kids

Today I am boarding an airplane to Arizona to go to my cousin’s funeral, and I am going by myself. The times I have traveled by myself since I had kids can be counted on one hand.  Usually a family trip entails at least a week’s worth of planning and writing notes to myself of what I need to be sure to pack so Nathan or Jacob can have as smooth of a trip as possible (since kiddos with autism HATE the change of their schedule).

I can’t even tell you how nice it is to not even have to worry about packing kids, changing schedules, and worrying if they will even sleep once we get there. Also, the more children we have had, the more we have traveled as a family in our car.  Airline tickets are so pricey and when you have to rent a minivan when you get there…well, that isn’t cheap either.  So, for car trips I feel like I am packing everything but the kitchen sink: snacks, DVDs, entertainment, clothes, toiletries, toys, drinks, alarm clocks, noise makers, pillows, blankets.  Nathan ALWAYS needs his pillow and blanket when we travel–I’ve got to at least keep that the same because he never sleeps well on trips.  In fact, I usually come home from a family trip SO EXHAUSTED that I can’t wait to get everyone back in their own room where they belong.  
So, today have all the stuff I need in a neat little carry-on and I have a book to read on the plane. Who knew traveling solo could be so easy? I just feel like I am forgetting something…maybe it is because I didn’t pack the kitchen sink:).

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